How big is yours?

You dream, day in, day out about getting a house big enough where you can have your own creative space, where everything is where YOU left it, and you know exactly where everything is.

You dream of the day where you have a room for all your creative vices.

You dream of what it will look like, that it will be spacious and well organised and look epic.

Will that be the reality?

When I first moved to Auckland, I did not have my own creative space. And at that time - that was actually ok. It wasn’t until a flatmate moved out that I ended up creating a small little creative space which I quickly outgrew. Another flatmate moving out meant that I ended up with an upgrade to a large creative space (design room), where I could start trying my hand a myriad of different creative outlets. This is where my first brand ‘OB-one’ was born.

I moved out of this house into a small house with my now husband. Unfortunately my