While he works - I create!

DISCLAIMER: Let me just start off by saying that these are not ‘those’ stories that always have a happy ending. It appears, that at times, my creative flair is just too much for some. It becomes apparent that these ideas need to be toned down a touch or completely removed without trace. This is not to say that I don't like them, because mostly I do, it's that those around me (mostly my husband) that may have conflicting ideas to my creative ideas.

Part 1 | White walls - be gone!

Japanese Cranes

I am home alone. My husband is at work. Some may become bored, but me, I love this time. It is the time I look around the house and pull out all the creative ideas I have kept in my head. In this instance, I look towards the wall, the ginormous white wall, screaming for something to make it less BORING.

My husband likes it. He continually said that he didn't want anything on this wall, this ginormous white wall, as it would draw your eye away from the TV. Distract you while you are watching TV. SERIOUSLY? For me, the ginormous white wall was distracting. A massive white space of nothingness crying out for attention. This was the obvious elephant in the room!

This time, neither a course or a YouTube tutorial aided me. It was Pinterest. Searching: wall art.

It was here I came across some Japanese cranes! Simple, effective, not too overpowering and surely wouldn't draw your attention away from the TV. The perfect compromise?

It was now that I started to collect all of the essentials required to complete this piece of art. I called on my old school overhead projector. Armed with some some acetate, OHP pens and some washi tape, I was ready to get designing. Projecting my image of the Japanese Cranes onto the ginormous white wall I got to work. Strip by strip, slowly taping out the cranes. Finally, my 2 hour effort of sticking tape to the wall had come to an end. Taking a step back, I begin to feel pretty chuffed with myself. I stood admiring my handiwork, thinking ‘how could my husband not like this?’.