Where did YOU get YOUR shoes?

So you ask, where DID I get my shoes?

I have always loved shoes.

Loved different and unique shoes. Loved good quality shoes. But these shoes came at a price (which is why we work I guess). I have followed an amazing lady from Dunedin for quite some time, her name is Lou and she is the founder and owner of the Shoe School. I had wanted to do one of her workshops for a long time but never really 'got around to it', instead would spend time gazing in awe at all of the gorgeous 'handmade' shoes on her website, Instagram and Pinterest. It wasn't until recently that Lou decided to make the move from Dunedin to Wellington. Here was my chance, I was going to do it. I was going to sign up for Shoe School.

Where did you get your shoes?

Oh these?

Well I actually designed and made them myself!!

(listen to the AWE!!)

I had decided, 6-10 January 2018 was going to be the workshop I was going to attend. I am here, right now, sitting in my hotel in Wellington, excited that I am actually making my own designed pair of shoes, well boots.

How do you even go about making a pair of shoes?

Well in the beginning it involved A LOT of research. What did I want to make? What style? Did I want to make a super unique pair that was different or did I want one that would last for years? To be honest, choosing 'the' sho