The Design Room - Anything is Possible

Well the time has come again to rebrand. To develop and push the boundaries.

I started off designing at a young age. I love all kinds of crafts; from paint to fabric, drawing to baking, paper to building blocks. How can I put everything I do into one brand? Into one place?

This is where "The Design Room" was born. A ROOM where I have ALL of my 'creative stuff'. A ROOM I can call my own, make my own mess, organise the way I want to organise it (which is rather over the top I have been told) and a place where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This brand has the ability to include everything I love, what ever happens in 'The Design Room' is able to be shared with you all.

I guess that's the thing with us 'creative types', we lend ourselves to so many avenues. Our lives are somewhat hectic to those around us, but living it - it doesn't seem quite so bad. I do somehow manage to sew, create, design, discuss, learn and most importantly teach.

... and yes I do sleep.

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