Quilting: It's just for the elderly and retired right?

If you asked me a few years ago about quilting and making quilts I would have laughed, possibly sniggered and said that I was too young for that. While at times I do feel old (not helped by the fact my husband tells me I am old relatively frequently), I am definitely not quite QUILTING old!

To me, quilting is all about those disgusting little squares, in the most vomit worthy fabrics! NO, I would not be interested in looking any further into quilting.

But, something happened. I am not sure what. Or who. But something peculiar happened.

One day, out of the blue, I did it! I picked up a quilting book. And LIKED what I saw.

How? For all my years had I thought that quilting was all about those squares and vomit worthy fabrics? What I was looking at was (yep, you guessed it) geometric patterns and funky fabrics!