Organising your kitchen can be a drag AND you can't think of the labels you want? Never fair! Here are 2 lists that have already been made up for you.


Set 1 contains 10 kitchen labels - $20.00

Set 2 contains 20 kitchen labels - $35.00

Set 3 contains Coffee, Sugar, Tea - $8.00


  • Custom decals are approximately 1-1.5" high depending on the size of the font you want, length will vary.

    Maximum length for a single word will be no more than 12cm. All decals will be made using the same font size.

  • Choose your font and choose your colour


Current MAXIMUM turn around time - 2 weeks (depending on the number of current orders)


**Application instructions come with the decal.

If your decal is placed on something that requires washing, we recommend hand washing only. The heat from the water softens the glue of the decal therefore dishwashers are not recommended. 

Decals are made from high quality self adhesive vinyl.


Kitchen Decals - SET LIST